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#NSDFPower: Giving Seizure Disorders a Voice Through TweetChats

Tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Tonya Heathco, Founder and CEO of National Seizure Disorders Foundation.  I was born with a rare brain abnormality manifesting in unpredictable seizures as I approached adulthood. Years into adulthood, I discovered my passion for helping

TweetChat Profile Highlight: #HikerChat

Recently TweetChat  got the chance to speak with Eva Bland and Shawn Parry of #HikerChat. They gave us insight on how #HikerChat began and what their mission is. The two also share how #HikerChat was used to build a community that reflects their brands while implementing a digital mar

TweetChat Profile Highlight: Aaron Kilby of #MediaChat

TweetChat recently caught up with Aaron Kilby, founder and host of #MediaChat. He  filled us in on how the chat got started, gave us insight on #MediaChat’s community, and told us how to use TweetChat to build a community. Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am the Director o

When Ellen Breaks Twitter, TweetChat Comes to the #Oscars Rescue

While Ellen may have broken Twitter last night when she set the record for the most retweeted photo ever, TweetChat managed to hold up. Those who were looking to live tweet the show along with Ellen using the hashtag #Oscars were able to keep up with the conversation during the show i

Twitter Parties: A Closer Look at SoFabChats

Recently Collective Bias has launched a new SoFabChats site which features and promotes various upcoming Twitter Parties. Holly Pavlika, SVP, Brand Strategy at Collective Bias, gave TweetChat the 101 on Twitter Parties, insight on what the new site will contain and how to properly uti

What are your thoughts on Twitter’s possible re-design? Retweet if you’re for it, favorite if you’re against it.

Click to favorite or retweet Recently revealed that Twitter is secretly testing a new design.  TweetChat wants to know your opinion. What do you think this will do for conversations on Twitter? Leave a comment below letting us know your thoughts.   (Photo courtesy of

Twitter Hashtags 101: Complete Guide to Discovery and Power

This post by Angela Dunn was originally posted on the Internet Media Labs blog on May 9, 2012. It has stood the test of time (hey, a year in social media is like a decade in real time), and we thought it was the perfect post to kick off the new TweetChat blog. Twitter hashtags can con