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#BufferChat: The Champion Of Community And Culture

 Recently TweetChat got the chance to chat with Nicole Miller (@NMillerBooks) of #BufferChat. Nicole told us more about the #BufferChat community, herself, and how the chat got started.  • Tell us a little bit about   yourself? Howdy there! My name is Nicole, and I’m the Communi

#ArmyWife: Creating Interactive Empowerment for Military Spouses on #TweetChat

TweetChat recently caught up with the creators of #ArmyWife Chat, they told us about the Army Wife Network and what their community is like on TweetChat. Tell us a little bit about yourself? We are Army Wife Network, and we are a virtual organization providing interactive resources an

#NSDFPower: Giving Seizure Disorders a Voice Through TweetChats

Tell us a little bit about yourself? My name is Tonya Heathco, Founder and CEO of National Seizure Disorders Foundation.  I was born with a rare brain abnormality manifesting in unpredictable seizures as I approached adulthood. Years into adulthood, I discovered my passion for helping

#SharksChat Takes a Bite Out of Fear

What is #SharksChat? #SharksChat is a Q and A to inform the public on facts about sharks. OCEARCH’s mission is to include the public with open data of sharks migrating all across the world. The most important part of #SharksChat is changing the conversation from one of fear to one of

The Rise of the #H2H TweetChat Community: There is no more B2B or B2C, It’s Human to Human

Bryan Kramer, CEO of Pure Matter Tell us a little bit about yourself: My whole life I’ve been a voracious consumer of knowledge, so understanding how humans share and behave in social media – using it both as a communication channel and shaper of popular culture – has my full attentio

TweetChat Profile Highlight: #HikerChat

Recently TweetChat  got the chance to speak with Eva Bland and Shawn Parry of #HikerChat. They gave us insight on how #HikerChat began and what their mission is. The two also share how #HikerChat was used to build a community that reflects their brands while implementing a digital mar

Tweeting to the Top of the Workplace

My first assumption when I joined Twitter was that it was a platform to share mindless ramblings and endless complaints. Many still feel the same way, however, more and more everyday Twitter is becoming a gateway for job opportunities. In fact, one of the reasons why I found myself wo

TweetChat Profile Highlight: Aaron Kilby of #MediaChat

TweetChat recently caught up with Aaron Kilby, founder and host of #MediaChat. He  filled us in on how the chat got started, gave us insight on #MediaChat’s community, and told us how to use TweetChat to build a community. Tell us a little bit about yourself? I am the Director o

Twitter Parties: A Closer Look at SoFabChats

Recently Collective Bias has launched a new SoFabChats site which features and promotes various upcoming Twitter Parties. Holly Pavlika, SVP, Brand Strategy at Collective Bias, gave TweetChat the 101 on Twitter Parties, insight on what the new site will contain and how to properly uti

TweetChat Profile Highlight Shiva Kumar of IBM’s #P4SPChat

Tell us a little bit about yourself? I currently work at IBM as a Social Business Manger, leading social media initiatives across strategic areas for IBM. I work on planning and developing digital strategy, and engaging people in compelling discussions. My work involves creating aware