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#ArmyWife: Creating Interactive Empowerment for Military Spouses on #TweetChat

TweetChat recently caught up with the creators of #ArmyWife Chat, they told us about the Army Wife Network and what their community is like on TweetChat. Tell us a little bit about yourself? We are Army Wife Network, and we are a virtual organization providing interactive resources an

#SharksChat Takes a Bite Out of Fear

What is #SharksChat? #SharksChat is a Q and A to inform the public on facts about sharks. OCEARCH’s mission is to include the public with open data of sharks migrating all across the world. The most important part of #SharksChat is changing the conversation from one of fear to one of

The Rise of the #H2H TweetChat Community: There is no more B2B or B2C, It’s Human to Human

Bryan Kramer, CEO of Pure Matter Tell us a little bit about yourself: My whole life I’ve been a voracious consumer of knowledge, so understanding how humans share and behave in social media – using it both as a communication channel and shaper of popular culture – has my full attentio

When Ellen Breaks Twitter, TweetChat Comes to the #Oscars Rescue

While Ellen may have broken Twitter last night when she set the record for the most retweeted photo ever, TweetChat managed to hold up. Those who were looking to live tweet the show along with Ellen using the hashtag #Oscars were able to keep up with the conversation during the show i

Top hashtags surrounding Pretty Little Liars, with Interviews from Keegan Allen & Sasha Pieterse

Utilize to participate in chats surrounding Pretty Little Liars. You can participate during the show by typing in the hashtags that appear on screen into TweetChat.   Click the hashtags below to view the discussion on TweetChat: #PLLChat,#PLL & #PrettyLittleLiar

A Trip Through Twitter’s #Lazyweb

  Twitter can be a great place to find out information you could probably Google but are too lazy to. Thus, the #Lazyweb was born. We loved this infographic from inboxQ a while back, and though the company no longer exists, the #lazyweb is still active. So here’s the infogr

Hashtrash: Where Are Trending Hashtags Coming From?

We love finding new and interesting things out about hashtags, and we came across a Tumblr called Hashtrash, which shows where in the world trending hashtags were getting their heaviest activity. Lots of interesting insights from scrolling through pages of their blog, seeing the #Bost

Life of a #Hashtag

Hashtags are ubiquitous. They are everywhere on the Internet – Twitter, Google+, Tumblr, Pinterest, Instagram. Heck, even Facebook has live hashtags now. They are the filing system of the Internet, the currency of the social web. So it was with joy that we saw this infographic o

Twitter Hashtags 101: Complete Guide to Discovery and Power

This post by Angela Dunn was originally posted on the Internet Media Labs blog on May 9, 2012. It has stood the test of time (hey, a year in social media is like a decade in real time), and we thought it was the perfect post to kick off the new TweetChat blog. Twitter hashtags can con

The History of the Hashtag

Did you know that hashtags date back to the 12th Century? While it’s not news to most that the hash mark originated in musical notation, there were many aspects of the mighty hashtag I never knew. This infographic from Kevin Basset, published on Social Media Today, goes back to